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Interchange on Canadian Studies

Interchange on Canadian Studies
Focus: Humanities, Leadership, Multidisciplinary
Opportunity Type: Program
Location: Varies
Student Grade: 11
Available to students from: All Provinces/Territories
Time of year: Spring
Prerequisites: Grade 11 Students Only
Cost: $750 (many Provinces/Territories cover the entire cost)
Application Deadline: Depends on Province/Territory

The Interchange on Canadian Studies/Échange sur les études canadiennes (ICS/ÉÉC) offers 260 young Canadians a weeklong opportunity to engage in a bilingual forum each Spring. Students in the host city welcome delegates from across Canada into their homes for the week of the conference, and then travel to their billet's home for a week in the summer.

The objectives and goals of the program are based on 5 key elements of citizenship:
• To facilitate and further enrich our knowledge of Canada.
• To promote understanding on the part of young Canadians toward others.
• To promote understanding and appreciation for Canada's diverse heritage.
• To develop an understanding of, and an appreciation for, the regional aspect of Canada.
• To foster, in young Canadians, a greater commitment to participate in the political, economic, social, and cultural life of Canada.

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