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Out of this world - The Canadian Student Summit on Aerospace

2-02-2009 by Laura Drudi

Out of this world - The Canadian Student Summit on Aerospace

McGill University February 13-15, 2009

McGill University is hosting the Canadian Student on Aerospace. This conference tailors to high school, CEGEP and university students interested in the aerospace industry.

Seminars will include aeronautical engineering, aerospace medicine, air and space law, and space commercialization.

The preliminary program for this conference includes:
a) Planetary exploration: the journey to the Moon and Mars, engineering barriers, visions for the future.
b) Aerospace and aviation medicine: physiological adaptation to microgravity and challenges imposed by spaceflight.
c) Law and policy: government regulation of space acitiviteis and planetary environmental protection.
d) Business: speakers from Pratt and Whitney and Bombardier

Registration begins on February 13 and the lectures will be held on February 14. An outing to either the Canadian Space Agency or the Cosmodome: The Montreal Space Center will occur on February 15.

The registration form can be printed from the following website, and sent to CASI: The Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute:

The Canadian Student Summit on Aerospace will be a great opportunity to bring students interested in aerospace together, and discover educational roads by which they may pursue a career in the aerospace industry.

If there any further questions, you may e-mail: