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Are you interested in media or broadcasting? Have you ever dreamed of being a radio DJ?

1-10-2008 by Youth in 57 Minutes

Are you interested in media or broadcasting? Have you ever dreamed of being a radio DJ?

Youth in 57 Minutes, a youth-run radio show on Co-op Radio , 102.7 FM, is looking for new contributors to their monthly program. We’re currently seeking contributors to take on roles such as Music Feature Coordinator, Story Producer, News Feature Producer, Event Listing Coordinator, and Research Assistants. Experience is an asset, but not necessary! The follow are more details about the show and the available involvement opportunities:

About the show
Youth in 57 Minutes, also known as Y-57, is a project with GETOUT Initiative from the City of Vancouver created as part of a Legacy program designed specifically for youths (ranging from ages 15-25) to engage youths in today's community. Currently hosted by Lillian Yang, Ivy So, and Ovey Yeung, the radio show is aired live every 4th and 5th Monday of the month on 102.7FM, Vancouver’s Co-op Radio.

Our goal is to give youth an opportunity to be heard in alternative media as well as to showcase today’s youth talent and involvement. The show’s coverage range from youth musician and artist profiles and event listings to current issues that are relevant to today’s youths.

Current Involvement Opportunities

Music Feature Coordinator:
As part of Y-57’s mandate is to showcase today’s local youth talents, the Music Feature Coordinator is in charge of seeking out and connecting with today’s local music talents to provide them with exposure as well as creating diversity with the music assortment on Y-57. In particular, the Music Feature Coordinator will be responsible for:
- Coordinating interviews with youth music artists
- Seeking out music for the show’s monthly programming
- Researching and connecting with youth local talents: telling them about Y-57 and offering our exposure opportunities

Story Producer:
Y-57 covers a variety of issues and stories, as long as it is relevant to today’s youths. The Y-57 Story Producer will work with the show hosts and editorial team to produce content; in particular, responsibilities of Story Producers include:
- Brainstorming story ideas with the hosts and editorial team
- Researching issues and stories
- Coordinating interviews for feature stories
- Writing or producing pre-recorded segments as appropriate

News Feature Producer:
Similar to Story Producers, the News Feature Producer is a component of the editorial team that produces content for the radio show. In particular, this role has a emphasis on current events as relevant to youths today. Responsibilities of the News Feature Producer include:
- Keeping up to date with current events
- Researching and providing the youth perspective to current news events
- Researching issues and stories
- Coordinating interviews
- Writing or producing pre-recorded segments as appropriate

Events Listing Coordinator:
A regular feature on Y-57 is the Events Listings section, which provides our audience with a wide array of activity ideas besides the usual studying, shopping, or moviewatching. The Events Listing Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that this section is up to date with a diversity of activities for youths. Detailed responsibilities
- Researching local current events available
- Coordinating and bringing in event representatives to talk about their projects
- Producing a list of events for the monthly program

Research Assistant:
Working with the editorial team, the research assistant will conduct journalistic research for Y-57 news and feature stories. Responsibilities include:
- Researching featured issues and stories on Y-57
- Coordinating and / or conducting interviews
- Writing research reports and materials

As mentioned, no experience is necessary. However, we are looking for youths who are:
- Dedicated
- Self-motivated
- Organized
- Interested in broadcasting or media

Benefits of Getting Involved
- Gain hands-on experience in getting involved with media production and being in
a show
- Meet new people, make contacts
- Have fun!

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, or if you have any questions about contributing to the Youth in 57 Minutes program, please send us a brief email with your name, contact, and resume (optional) to .