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Act NOW! International Performance Writing Festival

19-02-2011 by admin

Act NOW! International Performance Writing Festival

Do you love writing?
Are you passionate about solving the challenges of sustainability?
The spotlight is on. This is your chance to shine!

Be part of Act NOW! for an invaluable opportunity to jump start on turning your dream – whatever it is – into reality! Run by youth for youth, this festival engages young people ages 14-26 from around the world to learn, evaluate, innovate and act with a splash of creativity. Enter with a performable creative writing piece, such as a play, speech, monologue or poem and earn cash prizes and the chance to have your work performed.

Your entry will be:
* part of a global movement of youth finding the sweet spot of passion and purpose, while celebrating sustainability,
* sparking dialogue on the concerns and aspirations of your community,
* inspiring innovation.

Regardless of whether you are a winner, your ideas and art may go viral and lead your to adventures and opportunities that you would have never imagined before. Go ahead and dare to dream! Here’s a 3D audio production of the winning play from last year’s competition: Lights Out!

Submission opens on March 14, 2011, and ends on April 30, 2011. Get started now and you might win the People’s Choice. To learn more, please visit the Act NOW! International Performance Writing Festival.